It matters to us !

Its all about the handmade 

Crafting beautiful jewelry starts with love. We hand select every stone and design every piece of metal that we work with. Mass produced jewelry is notorious for its outsourcing and poor quality. We are an American born business that cares deeply about the quality we produce. We ensure that your purchase is one that you’ll adore AND leave you coming back for more. JFJ is passionate about its jewelry. Our mission is to create unique, quality jewelry that means something to the wearer and becomes a legacy to your personal style. We want you to feel beautiful in a meaningful way.

From the smallest details like our handcrafted jump rings and hand bezeled stones, our pieces embrace the creative and celebrate uniqueness. We love to add rustic and organic features into our pieces and think it makes them pretty special. We think you'll agree. 

How handmade jewelry is made

Jewelry that lasts and lasts 

One thing about JF jewelry that sets us apart, we craft our pieces to last. We realize that jewelry is sentimental. Just like a great song, jewelry will hold and carry so many of our memories through our lives. We build our jewelry the right way so remains beautiful for decades to come. 

Set of silver stacker bracelets

 We love our silver 

We don't cut corners. Sure it would be less expensive to use only base metals in our jewelry, but we prefer sterling silver. Silver wears nicely, ages great and is a sturdy and timeless metal. No green fingers here. We provide a variety of pieces at a variety of price points. Accessibility has always been one of our goals. We understand the value of the dollar and work hard to keep our pieces attainable. We offer payment options that work for you. Afterpay is a great way to spread out your cost into four interest free payments.