It matters to us

Its all about the handmade 

Crafting beautiful jewelry starts with love. We hand curate each stone and shape all of our metals my hand. Mass produced jewelry is notorious for its low quality, outsourcing and negative global impact. We are an American born Artisan jewelry brand that cares deeply about the quality we produce and the impact that we make. We work with ethically sourced materials and upcycle/recycle many of our metals. We see the benefit of a "waste not" ethic and the believe in the positive impact that we can make. We remain passionate about our handcrafted artisan jewelry and strive to create in the most meaningful and artistic ways. Our mission has always been to create unique, quality jewelry that becomes a legacy to your personal style. We want you to feel amazing when you wear our jewelry.
From the smallest details like our handcrafted jump rings and hand bezeled stones, our pieces embrace the creative and celebrate authenticity. We love to add rustic, organic features to our pieces and think it makes them pretty special. We think you will agree. 
How handmade jewelry is made

Jewelry that lasts

JFJ designs and creates jewelry that lasts. We know that jewelry is sentimental and just like a great song, jewelry will carry memories through our lives. We build our jewelry the right way so it remains beautiful for decades to come. 
Artisan jewelry

 For the love of metal

We don't cut corners. Sure it would be less expensive to use only base metals in our jewelry, but we prefer precious metal. Our pieces wear nicely, age wonderfully and remain sturdy and timeless for decades to come. We provide a variety of pieces at a variety of price points. Accessibility has always been a goal for us because we understand the value of the dollar.  We offer several payment options and are happy to be partnered with Afterpay USA, Shop pay-Affirm and Paypal credit. These methods spread out the cost, interest free and allow you to enjoy your jewelry right away. Refer to our "Installments by Afterpay" page in the drop down menu above.

Artisan jewelry