How to care for your jewelry


how to care for your handmade artisan jewelry


 • We recommend removing your jewelry before getting wet. Swimming, bathing, exercise and exposure to water, liquid, make up, hair products and perfumes can have a damaging effect on your jewelry. Remove your jewelry before performing household cleaning as cleaning solutions, bleach and other home cleansers can oxidize and damage the stones, metal and finish on your JF pieces. 

• In time, your jewelry will tarnish. This is part of the natural oxidization process that takes place on jewelry. To polish your sterling silver jewelry, we recommend using a soft polishing cloth. Use a gentle and slow wiping motion to remove unwanted tarnish and marks. Silver polish, cleaning solutions and dunk cleaners are not recommended on our jewelry. Avoid abrasive materials as it can scratch your JF jewelry.

• Dropping and banging your jewelry can crack and damage the stones and mark the metals. When not in use, store your jewelry in a safe, dry location to ensure that it is not rubbing or banging against other pieces or hard surfaces. Take good care of your Jennifer Favour jewelry and it will last a lifetime.