Vintage inspired jewelry

 Long turquoise dangle earrings

When we create vintage inspired jewelry, we draw our inspirations from past works, be it historic or beloved vintage designs from decades or centuries past. You will never find an exact replica from us as we understand that an artists design is so much a part of their soul and copying or replicating that exact design is unethical and in poor taste. We honor these past works and celebrate the design in our own unique way, with our own original spin on things. We believe that in doing this, we add life to the design and put forth beautifully handcrafted works for future generations to celebrate. 

Silver squash blossom earrings

Our vintage inspired pieces are know for their rustic vibe and hand rubbed darkened patina finish. We add unique details to accentuate the piece and give it a more "vintage" or worn feel. These pieces tug on our heart strings and we are always excited to share these styles with you.