Designer + Creator 

Jennifer Favour is a creative artist with a serious love for vintage sterling silver jewelry. An avid jewelry lover since the age of 6, Jennifer is a self taught, master silversmith without formal education or training. In 2016 Jennifer set out with a determination to teach herself the craft and never looked back. Her love for art and the people for whom she designs, led her down the path of full time jewelry design and creator and the brand naturally and progressively followed. 

Large turquoise ring
The Jewelry 
I started with a passion for jewelry, one that I have had my whole life. Every piece that I create comes from imagination and is filled with my soul. A big part of the jewelry (and one that makes it so wildly popular) is that love that goes into each piece. I believe that you, the customer can feel the care and considerations that goes into every quality handcrafted piece. I use the best metals and stones that are available to me and ethically hand source every part of this business. When designing a piece of jewelry, I ensure that the design is practical and will be comfortable to wear, as well as beautiful. So many pieces that I see in the marketplace, fall short in one area or another. I make it my business (because it is) to carefully plan and execute each design for longevity & wear. I create only high quality, slow handcrafted jewelry that you can pass on. I call them future heirlooms. In addition to the careful planning and designing that goes into each piece, I work the metals by hand, making them smooth and comfortable to the touch and durable to stand the tests of time and wear.
Sterling silver artisan earrings
Studio Life + Journey 

Located in the heart of the Arizona desert, our studio is a humble digs but it gets the job done. We have big dreams of expanding within the next year and hope to offer many new and exciting products. We started this business in 2016 with one hand me down hammer and big ambitions. It has taken a lot of hard work and dedication to make it this far and we aren't stopping. Every step along the way is progress and we love it that way. Thank you for your support and for shopping with us. 

Making artisan jewelry