Designer + Creator 

Jennifer Favour is a creative artist with a serious love for vintage sterling silver jewelry. An avid jewelry lover since the age of 6, Jennifer spent her early years collecting found objects, and constructing crude bracelets and necklaces. As a teenager, she worked to spent her pay, shopping boutiques and roadside stands along Mexican beaches, always searching for the perfect pair of earrings. In 2016, Jennifer set out to teach herself the art of metalsmithing, becoming a self taught master smith and the first woman entrepreneur in her family.  Her love for jewelry and the people for whom she creates, led her down the path of full time designer and the brand progressively followed. 

Large turquoise ring

I believe that customers can feel the care and consideration that goes into every handcrafted quality piece.  When designing, I ensure that the jewelry is practical and comfortable to wear. Each design is carefully executed for longevity & beauty. I create only high quality, slow style artisan jewelry that will be worn for years to come. In addition to the planning that goes into each piece, I work the metals by hand. Working the metals by hand ensures that the pieces are smooth and comfortable against your skin. This style of jewelry will always have a unique look and an earthy feel. It holds a very special place in my heart.

Artisan earrings