Ring sizing

A few things to know about ring sizing

Finger size can be influenced by several factors, including environmental temperature, diet, medication, and exercise. To obtain the most accurate ring size, we suggest measuring your finger when your hands are relaxed and comfortable at room temperature.

How to find your ring size: 

• Wrap a thin strip of paper around your finger where your ring will sit.

• Pull the paper snug on your finger and mark the spot where the two ends meet.

• Lay the paper flat and measure it's length in millimeters. Compare your measurement using the chart below and select the closest size. 

46.8 mm SIZE 4
48.0 mm    SIZE 4.5
49.3 mm SIZE 5
50.6 mm    SIZE 5.5
51.9 mm SIZE 6
53.1 mm    SIZE 6.5
54.4 mm SIZE 7
55 7 mm    SIZE 7.5
57.0 mm SIZE 8
58.3 mm    SIZE 8.5
59.5 mm SIZE 9
60.8 mm    SIZE 9.5
62.1 mm   SIZE 10
63.4 mm      SIZE 10.5
64.6 mm   SIZE 11
65.9 mm      SIZE 11.5
67.2 mm   SIZE 12

Ring faq's

I like to stack my rings, it ok to mix sizes?

Stacking rings is an excellent way of showcasing your jewelry style. When stacking, place the smallest size closest to the knuckle to hold the other rings in place. Consider experimenting with mixed metals and gemstones to create an intriguing and unique stack.

How should my ring fit?

A good fitting ring should feel comfortable on the finger. You do not want your ring to feel too tight, nor should it slip and slide on the finger. 

Are the fingers on my right hand the same size as my left hand?

Your dominant hand (the hand you use) may be slightly larger. It is a good idea when measuring, to measure the finger you are shopping for.  

What if I am still unsure of my sizing and need help?

If you have a questions,  feel free to contact customer service. We are happy to answer any questions that may arise.