Earrings fit


To ensure clarity in our product descriptions, we measure our earrings from the piercing hole downwards, which includes the ear wire in its overall measurement. Therefore, if our listing indicates the earrings to be 4" in length, this measurement includes the ear wire.

Earrings faq's

What are the most common earring closures?

There are many styles of earring closures and personal preference will vary. The most commonly used closures include traditional ear wires and push back closures. By design, ear wires tend to offer swing to the earring design, while push back earrings feel secure and snug against the lobe. Both styles are comfortable and great for everyday wear. Lever back closures provide extra security to the earring while still embracing a swinging style. Clip on and latch back earrings make an excellent choice for the unpierced ear. 

Types of earring backs

Do all earrings feel alike on the ears?  

Earring design plays an intregral role in how earrings hang, swing and wear on the ears. We are meticulous in offering only the best designs that wear comfortably and provide longevity and superior style.

What if I am unsure and need help?

If you have a question, feel free to reach out to our customer service. We are happy to help answer any questions you may have.