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12-14 inches - This length of necklace is considered a collar style and will ride higher and fit tighter on the neck. Collars make excellent statement pieces and can be worn as a base necklace when layering.

15-16 inches - This length of necklace is referred to as a choker and will ride tword the bottom of the neck. This length is commonly worn and considered a comfortable everyday piece.

17-18 inches - This length of necklace is arguably the most worn and commonly referred to as a princess length. An 18" necklace will hang at the bottom of the neck or just above the collar bone. This length exudes comfort and wears nicely alone or layered with your favorites. 

20-24 inches - These lengths are considered a bit longer and will fall across the top of the decolletage or upper chest. They are often referred to as matinee length. This length of necklace can be worn casually or layered for a notable statement style. 

28-36 inches plus - The longer length necklaces commonly referred to as opera length, easily slip over the head without fastening if so desired. Longer length necklaces accentuate an outfit and are styled for both casual and dress up attire.

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Necklace faq's

What if I am unsure about the length?

The easiest way to determine a length is to take a necklace from your jewelry collection, lay it flat and measure end to end. This will give you the length in inches. If you desire a shorter or longer necklace, measure a length of string and add or subtract inches to match the listings available lengths. Tape the ends together and try it on. This will give you an idea of how the length of necklace will fit. 

What if I want a certain style but just a bit longer?

We offer several necklace extenders that easily add length to your favorite necklace. These are easy to fasten, removable and work well to create addition styles and lengths to your jewelry collection. 

What if I am still unsure and need help?

If you have a question, feel free to reach out to customer service. We are happy to help answer any questions you may have.