Jewelry to love

Styled for you 

We love handcrafted artisan jewelry and the feeling of empowerment and beauty that it adds to our day. From our large artisan earrings, to our handcrafted stackable sterling silver rings, each piece of JF jewelry is crafted with quality and care and designed to last a lifetime.

One of a kind 

Artisan jewelry makes life a little sweeter. It carries our memories, connects us and make us feel beautiful. We know you will enjoy the style and comfort our handcrafted jewelry brings and are excited to share. Many of our pieces are one of a kind. They celebrate a bold independence that is as unique and individual as we are.  

Ethically made to last

We hand select our gemstones from reputable vendors and recycle and repurpose our precious metals. Our pieces are crafted with skill and integrity, built to stand the test of time and daily wear. Quality, style and accessibility remain at the forefront of our brands ethos.