We love earrings

Handcrafted artisan earrings

Twice the fun 

From day one, our love of earrings has run deep. We believe in celebrating the things that bring joy and meaning to our lives and our handcrafted earrings are no exception. From our long turquoise dangles, to our smallest silver studs, we capture the artisan spirit and illuminate the beauty of women worldwide.

One of a kind 

To celebrate beauty, one must first must embrace it. Our artisan earrings are designed to reflect the strengths and courage of women, while empowering you to feel beautiful in your own skin. Many of our artisan pieces are one of a kind. They are designed to celebrate a unique beauty that is as diverse as the women who wear them. 

Ethically made to last

We hand select our gemstones from reputable vendors and recycle and repurpose much of our precious metals. Our pieces are crafted with skill and integrity, built to stand the test of time and daily wear. Quality, style and accessibility remain at the forefront of our brands ethos.